For What It’s Worth, I Love Music


Best Bassist of All Time Jaco Pastorius 

Over the weekend, I was able to attend a good friend’s belated birthday party! It was a fun time! It was great being able to converse with friends and catch up, always interesting things being shared. Beyond the good company, my favorite part of the party and my weekend was jamming with some of the good people there. At the party we whipped out guitars, I played the bass and we just jammed out. It has been awhile since I had really jammed out with other people. I had forgotten how much I missed playing music, especially playing with others. Right now, I am typing this with two blistered fingers from jamming’ on those thick bass strings (totally worth it).

Music is great! I have recently been getting back in touch with it. Right now, I am listening through the “Best of Buffalo Springfield” album. Playing music and listening to music causes such a wave of emotions. Music can completely change my mood, from apathy to rage, from sadness to happiness, from neutral to touched.

The previous weekend I had the privilege of reconnecting with another friend who was hosting an awesome Open Mic and then all out bash with his band that played a rap/jazz/psychedelic fusion. Music has come storming back into my life.

The entire point being. I need to keep music as a major part of my life. I need to return to actively listening to music, allow myself to be captivated. I missed music.

Also, I have been listening to Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” album, which is their best album in my opinion. Much more disco than their earlier electronic stuff.

Further, I have been trying to make it through the Rush discography, starting with their self-titled album, with one of my favorite tracks: